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Five Hearts


Written by Steven Walker

I hate to start gushing right up front, but this is one of my favorite movies ever.  I make this statement not in the gullible post-credits euphoria of a first viewing, but after having seen the movie 7 times in the theater, spread out over several weeks.  I have had time to absorb and examine this flick thoroughly and it remains a two-hour dose of pure awesome.  Like liquefied cotton candy injected straight into my brain, Scott Pilgrim is the ultimate sugar high with no crash at the end.   I cannot recall the last film that evoked such instant and long lasting affection from me.  This is the kind of movie that cinema buffs all over the world should be waiting for.  It is a work of sincere artistic vision made with impeccable craftsmanship.  Nothing feels cheap.  Nothing feels rushed.  No decisions feel like they were made by committee.  Someone put love into every frame of this film.  Someone cared. 

That someone has to be Edgar Wright. Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz are classics to me, but as M. Night Shyamanlan proved, you can make two great movies and still be a lousy director.  With Scott Pilgrim, Edgar Wright shows that he is the real thing.  He fully commits to a crazy visual style that should not work, but does time and time again.  He layers each scene with rich character beats, forces you to pay attention in order to keep up, and injects just enough subtext to reward that attention.

This is the best video game movie ever made, but it’s not based on a video game.  A co-worker of mine called it Wushu Bugglegum Madness and I couldn’t agree more.  I love the gleeful way it introduces elements of high fantasy without blinking and demands that you just roll with it or check out immediately. 

Oh, and this movie makes Brandon Routh look ten times more badass than in Superman Returns, even if he is playing a vegan douchebag.  

The (hopefully) few people who knock this movie need re-examine why they love cinema in the first place.  I've heard complaints that this movie only speaks to the MTV/Video Game culture, but I believe it transcends that with the truthfulness of the characters and the sheer filmmaking prowess on display.  It breaks my heart that this movie was such a failure at the box office and I hope it gets proper recognition in home theater land.  Are there things I could nitpick? Theoretically yes, but they all come down to personal taste as opposed to perceiving an actual flaw in the filmmaking.  In a year that has been such a waste at the theater, Scott Pilgrim is here to save us all.




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