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"7 Moves"
Fantasy Drama
Runtime: 20 minutes

A young man dies in a careless accident and must play a game of chess with Lucifer for his soul. "7 Moves" is currently in post production and is seeking additional funding to complete the complex and ambitious visual effects work.

Geeks Gone Wild Poster

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"Geeks Gone Wild"
Documentary Comedy
Runtime: 18 minutes

Life-long fanboy Andrew Kosarko guides you on a journey into the colorful and eccentric world of geeks. "Geeks Gone Wild" is complete and you can see it all online, right now, for free!

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"Sway to Me"
Runtime: 7 minutes

Two halves of a lonely mind end a bitter, three year argument over the desperate joys and pains of love. "Sway to Me" is complete and is currently touring film festivals around the world.

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"Red Desert"
Animated Sci-Fi Action
Runtime: 9 minutes

A hover tank and a bio-mechanical plane wage a duel on an alien desert. "Red Desert" is complete with a DVD package including commentaries, special featues and animation tests.